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Randy Krinsky

I'm a pop culture fanatic, a film buff and an obscure history guru. In my spare time, I roam the dark alleys of the city stopping grammatical errors and bad spelling wherever I may find them! If you ever need me, use the Geek Signal!

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15 Celebs We Totally Forgot Were In Star Wars

Randy Krinsky

Whether you’re a science fiction fan or not, the Star Wars franchise is a monument to myth-making and storytelling; an iconic piece of cinematic history. The Star Wars galaxy might …

15 Things That Happen When You Get Deported

Randy Krinsky

In the United States, one of the utmost concerns for undocumented immigrants is the possibility of being deported by authorities. It is a hot issue right now. They fear being …

15 Best Cases For The Existence Of Underwater UFOs

Randy Krinsky

Do you believe in unidentified flying objects, UFOs? Well, I guess you have to admit they are real, by which, I mean they are really unidentified… flying… objects. Whether they …

15 Figures From History That Might Have Been Aliens

Randy Krinsky

Modern cultures owe quite a bit to the earliest civilizations that existed on this planet after millions of years of human evolution. We can trace our progress throughout the ages …

15 Of The Most Notorious Criminals Never Caught

Randy Krinsky

Nowadays, the idea of the perfect crime is a pipe dream. Due to advanced technology and surveillance everywhere, being a successful criminal for any period of time is almost unheard …

15 Of The Greatest Mysteries Of Space

Randy Krinsky

They say that we know more about space than about Earth’s oceans. That might be true; however, it by no means implies that we know all there is to know …

15 Of The Most Bizarre Unsolved Crimes Ever

Randy Krinsky

Due to reality TV, most people are familiar with the adage that the first 48 hours are the most important when it comes to solving a violent crime. The evidence …

Top 15 Shocking Cases of Reincarnation

Randy Krinsky

I think it is safe to say that people of most religious faiths believe in the existence of the soul. Yet science is reticent to accept the term as an …

15 Incredible Monster Encounters Too Scary To Be Ignored

Randy Krinsky

All across the world, people report incredible sightings of creatures, unknown animals, even monsters, as they describe them. These aren’t just people living on the fringe, these are respectable people: …

15 Unbelievable People With Real Superhuman Abilities

Randy Krinsky

Today, the cinematic universe is abuzz over the incredible appeal of superhumans and their incredible abilities. They are the subject of popular films, books, and television series. There is something …

15 Of The Most Mysterious And Weird Places On Earth

Randy Krinsky

Just about everyone knows about Stonehenge, the Bermuda Triangle, and the Old Faithful geyser. We know these places exist, but most really don’t know much else. Those people wouldn’t be …

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