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15 Five-Star Shows On Netflix That Are Totally Overrated

Joe Anthony Myrick

Joe Anthony Myrick is a freelance writer, writing consultant, screenwriter, filmmaker, and photographer. I know, sounds like a lot for one guy with two thumbs to put on their plate. I can't help it though. I am a man of many passions, but above all else, writing is my biggest passion and also my greatest skill.

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15 Spoilers, Secrets, And Rumors Surrounding GTA VI

Joe Anthony Myrick

Grand Theft Auto V, upon the game’s initial release on September 17th, 2013, turned out to be one of the biggest financial and critical successes in gaming history. Financially, the …

15 Female Inmates We’d Trade Our Girlfriends For

Joe Anthony Myrick

One of the most popular shows on television (well, technically not television, but streaming services) right now is Orange is the New Black — and with good reason. It’s easy to …

The 25 Most Overrated Movies On The IMDB 250 List

Joe Anthony Myrick

The IMDB 250 list is world renowned as one of the most highly regarded and debated “best of” film lists in current existence. To some hardcore moviegoers, a film being included …

25 Most Shameless TV Show Rip-Offs

Joe Anthony Myrick

Getting a television show idea off the ground is hard work and coming up with the right idea for a successful television series is even harder. The history of television …

Did You Spot All The Mistakes In Wonder Woman?

Joe Anthony Myrick

Wonder Woman is currently enjoying an insanely successful run at the box office. Grossing $263.7 million and counting, the film has become the highest-grossing film of all time to be …

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