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15 Actors Who Never Should Have Played A Gay Man


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15 Dirty Secrets Behind American Idol


On June 11, 2002, reality-television series American Idol made its debut on televisions across the United States. The show scoured the country looking for a diamond in the rough, a …

15 Wrestlers Who Were Total Flops In The WWE


In a wrestling landscape that saw several prominent companies dominate the 1990s, the gritty promotion ECW offered wrestling fans a hardcore alternative to what was taking place in the WWE …

15 Times Tony Stark Was A Massive D-Bag


In a move that very few could’ve predicted would actually pay off for the company, Marvel Studios decided to kick off a Cinematic Universe by employing Robert Downey Jr. to …

15 Unspeakable Acts Committed Church Leaders


As leaders of religious congregations, pastors, both men and women, are in a unique position of power that requires them to be trusted by those that choose to follow their …

15 Celebrities Who Were Scammed Out Of Millions


The rich and the famous live lives that we will truly never understand unless we win the lottery. These people make insane amounts of money in their respective fields, and …

15 Newly Single Stars Who Hit The Market In 2017


Celebrity relationships are one of the weirdest infatuations that people in this world have, and for some reason, the hottest gossip tends to focus on who is sleeping with who. …

15 Disturbing Conspiracy Theories About Disney Cartoons


Since the release of Snow White, the world’s first full-length animated film, back in 1937, Disney has had a stranglehold on children’s entertainment. Throughout the last 80 years, the company has …

15 Times Rashida Jones Was Too Much To Handle


Some women in the entertainment industry are constantly in front of the media, and their face can be seen on virtually every magazine on the planet. Websites frequently write about …

15 Dirty Secrets About MTV’s Pimp My Ride


Reality TV took MTV by storm in the 1990s, and by the early 2000s, the channel seemed to have little interest in music. During this time, MTV debuted the series Pimp …

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