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Brett Ermilio lives by the Jersey Shore with his 8 crazy roommates: his beautiful wife, his 4 amazingly insane kids, his two yapping dogs and one moody fish. Brett is also a published author and enjoys making the best grilled cheese sandwiches in seven counties. It's all about the melt.

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13 Little People Who Are Hotter Than Kim Kardashian

Brett Ermilio

On the surface, I can hear people shouting and screaming from their rooftops, “This is clickbait! This is clickbait!” But that would be a tunnel-visioned soul who remembers the name …

If These 15 Superheroes Were On Match.Com…

Brett Ermilio

Is there anything more exciting than a superhero? The world is excited and amazed by superheroes. They fill the pages of comic books. Thousands upon thousands of stories have been …

15 Things Only Men Have Shoved Down Their Pants

Brett Ermilio

On the surface, you may think to yourself, “Why would anyone shove something down their pants?” Thinking beyond the obvious, the sexual reasons for things going down one’s pants, it can …

15 “Wife” Problems Every Married Guy Faces

Brett Ermilio

Having relationship issues is a problem with almost everyone. Even the happiest of relationships have issues from time to time. Now, we can say that the blame should be evenly …

15 Photos Of LeBron James’ Extravagant Lifestyle

Brett Ermilio

LeBron James is one of the most dominating athletes in the world. The NBA’s greatest player is a freak of nature. With size, speed, intelligence, and athleticism, James is arguably …

15 Billionaires Who Are Evil AF!

Brett Ermilio

Not everyone can be Bill Gates or Mark Zuckerberg. These are billionaires who have made their money the “right” way and went about being a positive force in their communities …

15 Horrible Tragedies With Eerie Backstories

Brett Ermilio

There have been many major events that have shaken the world to its core. Tragedies and mysteries alike have cost the lives of many innocent people. Oftentimes, the uncertainty surrounding …

15 Explosive Scandals ESPN Wants You To Forget

Brett Ermilio

The letters E-S-P-N have a tremendous meaning these days. But prior to September 7, 1979, there was no 24/7 sports outlet. Born in Bristol, Connecticut, ESPN has grown from infancy to …

The 15 Most Powerful Villains In Star Trek

Brett Ermilio

Alert the Trekkies, we are entering the Final Frontier! The Star Trek universe has grown to be a massively successful franchise over the past decades, with movies and numerous television series …

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