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Brett Ermilio lives by the Jersey Shore with his 8 crazy roommates: his beautiful wife, his 4 amazingly insane kids, his two yapping dogs and one moody fish. Brett is also a published author and enjoys making the best grilled cheese sandwiches in seven counties. It's all about the melt.

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15 Hottest Photos Of Kate Upton By The Water

Brett Ermilio

Kate Upton. There aren’t two other words in the English language that provide such interest and excitement as the supermodel and actress. She is a swimsuit model and icon all over the …

15 Hot Celebrities Only Jerks Love

Brett Ermilio

Why do some celebrity women only like a-holes? It’s a fair question. But it’s also a question that could be asked of many women all around the world. The old …

15 Female Celebs Who Beat Their Man

Brett Ermilio

When thinking of domestic violence issues, people always think of men on women violence. And it’s pretty common to stereotype. There are news stories all the time about a different …

15 Athletes Who Allegedly Beat Their Women

Brett Ermilio

Domestic violence is no laughing matter. It is crazy to think about what goes into this subject matter. But at a very young age, boys and girls are taught not …

15 Steamy Photos Of The Very Hot Niykee Heaton

Brett Ermilio

In our endless search to discover and find amazing talent (and incredibly beautiful women), we come across Niykee Heaton. The name may ring a bell for some who have seen …

20 Hottest Photos Of Claudia Romani On The Beach

Brett Ermilio

When we want to talk models, there is something about European models that really gets the blood flowing. They are sleek in appearance with stares that would make Derek Zoolander’s …

The 15 Hottest NY Giants WAGS

Brett Ermilio

The New York Giants have long been one of the golden franchises in the NFL. Established back in 1925, which is a long time ago for an NFL franchise, the …

15 Celebs Looking HOT Doing Yoga

Brett Ermilio

Yoga is so healthy. It combines the mental, physical and spiritual into a symbiotic blend of wellness. With that said, I like watching beautiful women commit to yoga a heck …

Top 25 Hottest Bunnies Of The Year

Brett Ermilio

It is hard to believe that Playboy has been around for just over 63 years now. Started back in 1953 in Chicago, Illinois by an entrepreneurial man named Hugh Hefner, Playboy …

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