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Hey! While I've never had tea or coffee (woo fun fact!) I survived my university education so I am no stranger to a computer screen. While my main passion is football (Go Hawks!), I love to write about entertainment or anything that catches my eye about pop culture. Who knows, read long enough and I may even make a joke or two! (but definitely not three)

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15 Shows You Aren’t Watching For The Story

Alex Keobke

When it comes to creating a successful television show, there are plenty of factors that are worth considering. One factor that every single show on our list thought about and …

15 Pics Of The Hotties From Iron Fist

Alex Keobke

Marvel and Netflix are at it yet again, teaming up to recently release the series Iron Fist. The latest addition to the MCU stars Finn Jones and Jessica Henwick, two faces that we’re …

The 8 Hottest Nerds From TV (And 8 From Cinema)

Alex Keobke

When it comes to picking the hottest nerds of cinematic and television history, there is no shortage of amazing candidates. The women below are not only all gorgeous, but they’ve …

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