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Hey! While I've never had tea or coffee (woo fun fact!) I survived my university education so I am no stranger to a computer screen. While my main passion is football (Go Hawks!), I love to write about entertainment or anything that catches my eye about pop culture. Who knows, read long enough and I may even make a joke or two! (but definitely not three)

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The Hottest Celebrity Photos You Didn’t See Last Week

Alex Keobke

There is no shortage of opportunities for celebrities to get photographed during any given week. Whether it’s the paparazzi, a professional photographer or themselves, the 16 photos below are easily …

16 Celebrities Who Downsized And Loved It!

Alex Keobke

In Hollywood, there is an immense amount of pressure placed on the women to look a certain way. For many, that pressure translates to years of expensive plastic surgery to …

15 People Who Didn’t Think Before They Inked

Alex Keobke

One of the most important life lessons you need to learn is to think before you drink. Perhaps an even more important rule though is that you DEFINITELY should not …

The 15 Hottest Netflix Girls That Bare It All

Alex Keobke

Netflix is absolutely changing the way that people watch television. I mean seriously, who doesn’t have a Netflix account in 2017? If people weren’t subscribing to the service to check …

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