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Hey! While I've never had tea or coffee (woo fun fact!) I survived my university education so I am no stranger to a computer screen. While my main passion is football (Go Hawks!), I love to write about entertainment or anything that catches my eye about pop culture. Who knows, read long enough and I may even make a joke or two! (but definitely not three)

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The 15 Highest Paid Celebrities In 2016

Alex Keobke

One of the many perks that come with being a popular celebrity in society is that it normally comes with a pretty hefty paycheque. For the 15 stars below, you …

15 Parents Whose Ages Will Shock You

Alex Keobke

When it comes to the right time to become a parent, everyone has their own opinion on what age would be the ideal time. But I don’t know if I (or …

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