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Anya Wassenberg

I"m a freelance writer and a singer in a local band in my home town in Southern Ontario. Love comic books, (graphic novels,) sci fi and fantasy in movies and TV, music and pop culture in general.

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20 Most Overrated Movies On Netflix

Anya Wassenberg

Overrated movies leave a bad taste on your “Netflix and chill” experience. With so much to choose from, it’s easy to stick with built-in suggestions, only to find that Netflix …

15 Dramatic Bank Heists Caught On Camera

Anya Wassenberg

Even in our digital era, the smallest bank branch still holds a stash of cash. To criminal minds, it’s the ultimate temptation, and to some, it’s a challenge that’s just …

15 Creepy Night-Vision Pics Of Animals

Anya Wassenberg

Night vision pictures of animals can bring out a side of those furry, funny creatures that we may not like but which can never be unseen. Compared to many animals, …

15 Anime Cosplays That’ll Have You Drooling

Anya Wassenberg

Anime and cosplay go together like bread and butter. What better way to add to the fantasy than with hot costumes on hot cosplayers? All those crazy characters and situations …

15 Smoking Hot Black Widow Cosplays

Anya Wassenberg

It takes a special kind of cosplayer to pull off a really convincing Black Widow. Of all the female characters in comic books, movies, and anime, Natasha Romanoff’s tight black …

15 Lottery Winners Who Lost It All… FAST

Anya Wassenberg

Unless you’re already rich or come from a wealthy family, winning the lottery seems like the only way to vault yourself into that category – the only true “get rich …

15 Filthy Rich Teens Who Turned Out Evil

Anya Wassenberg

We’d all like to be one of those rich kids who fill their Instagram feeds with the expensive cars, vacations, and night-clubbing of the like we ordinary mortals just can’t …

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